Joining Section Cars Australia we have no doubt that you will come to enjoy the pleasures of touring this great state by a very special and unique way, not experienced by many, whilst keeping a traditional piece of railway heritage rollingstock alive for the next generation to enjoy.

Whilst touring with us, your safety is our top priority. Everything we do at Section Cars Australia is done with safety at the forefront of our operations. While the Section Cars Australia Executive do everything reasonably practicable to ensure we minimize our risks, it is always a two-way relationship.

We expect that members and visitors will also uphold our safety values and do everything reasonable to ensure we all return home the same way we arrived. Every member and visitor have
the right and ability to stop a task if there is a safety concern, and not continue that task until the concern is addressed. Safety, operating safely, and our safety policy is not just paying lip service in Section Cars Australia, it underpins and guides our operations and ensures we not only meet our legal rail safety obligations, but we are able to operate well into the future, without injury to our members.

As we are a new heritage operator it is imperative that members have input into our operations and decision making, to ensure that we are heading in the right direction. While some decisions will automatically be made to satisfy a legal requirement (i.e. rail safety law), others will be made in full consultation with members and with open transparency. I ask that members give regular feedback to the Section Cars Australia Executive to ensure that all voices are heard within the Co-operative.

As Section Cars Australia is a Co-operative, each member owns part of the Co-operative, and is integral to its success. Finally, weather you are a visitor coming with us to tick an experience off a bucket list or are a new member ready to explore this great state, we warmly welcome you to Section Cars Australia.