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Section Cars Australia Co-Operative Ltd is an accredited heritage rollingstock operator based in Brisbane, Queensland and founded in November 2021 by 6 colleagues who share the love for section cars and railways. Section Cars Australia operate vintage railway section cars on commercial rail lines.

Section Cars (also known as a speeder, quad, trolley, inspection car or putt-putt) are small railway track vehicle formally used by railways around Australia by rail work crews and inspectors, to move from worksite to worksite. During the 1990s, many section cars were withdrawn from service across Australia, in favour of utilising road-rail or hi-rail vehicles, which had more operational flexibility than section cars.

Section Cars Australia is fully insured and accredited with the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator (ONRSR) and have a track access agreement with Queensland Rail. The organisation regularly organises tours across the state to areas such as Wallangarra, Stanthorpe, Goondiwindi, Warwick, Dalby, Miles, Mitchell, Emerald, Charleville, Longreach and Forsayth. Tours can last from single day, up to 6 days in length for longer tours. Further information can also be found in Section Cars Australia’s information brochure.

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